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Build product brands on social media

Building a Brand Product that is strong and has more value in the minds of consumers is not easy, it takes a long process and a considerable amount of time. Various promotional activities are carried out by companies to build their product image from advertisements on TV, Billboard, Magazines, distributing brochures and posters, and various other promotional activities that require no small cost. However, a strong product brand will build consumer loyalty so that it is very good for increasing the company's sales in the future.


However, entering the digital era, where the internet is growing rapidly with easy access to a growing number of users, the emergence of Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter as a large digital community is a challenge for the marketing world that wants to develop its Product Brand. Ready or not, a company must dare to enter the world of digital marketing, no longer only use traditional media, but follow the era of development by using Social Media to carry out activities to develop Product Brands.


In contrast to traditional one-way media, Social Media is a 2-way communication media that can allow interaction between products and markets. This is a great opportunity for companies to tell the quality and value of their products to the market, but it can also be a threat if there are negative assessments from the market. Therefore, a precise, clear and measurable strategy is needed to carry out the activity of developing Product Brands on Social Media.


Brand Awareness
First, of course, companies must build brand awareness by making our brands become more social, developing useful content on social media, introducing existing product values ​​to the market, maintaining the company's reputation and spreading positive information about the company to the market. So that people in social media become aware and have a sense of curiosity about the products they have.


Community Building
After Brand Awareness, what must be done is to form a community on Social Media. Communities can be very beneficial for companies because they can build consumer loyalty, and enable mouth-to-mouth marketing. Customers who are loyal to products in a community will help promote products and build a good brand image.


After that, the company must measure its effectiveness while carrying out promotional activities on Social Media. Whether the activities carried out provide added value for the company's products, and how the community responds to the brand values ​​that have been delivered. That way, companies can conduct evaluations for social media activities in the future.


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